Monday, February 15, 2010

Jimmy Choo

That's how I feel right now, seeing these shoes on Nordstroms site and then seeing the freakin' price! Oh my god, these are dreamy!

Jimmy Choo 'Quito' - $995

Jessica Simpson

I really really like these two & the buckles! I've been obsessing over buckles! :)
They're both by JESSICA SIMPSON
1. 'Andreana'
2. 'Light'

Wedge Bootie!

Love these wedge booties!

From... Need Supply Co.

Monday, February 8, 2010

The shoe fits!

Hello there, shoe lovers!

I just purchased this really cute shoe from Aldo (but in a lighter color, like beige)! Yes, Aldo. Usually I don't really buy shoes there because their sizes run really small and no half sizes, but I found a pair and I'm sooooo happy about them! They're super cute and kind of different. I love how they fit and they're really comfy! Definitely comfy!

Mignogna - $ 90.00 @ Aldo
(they also have them in Black)

Enjoy! :)