Monday, May 23, 2011

Christian Louboutin

Absolutely amazing. To die for. I love this! I will work, work, work, work for this. I like it even better than the silver studs. Plz God shower me with mula! Thanks!!


Favorite shoe blog!

I google'd "shoe blogs" and The Shoe Girl's blog came up. 

Thank God I google'd that because I immediately fell in love with her blog. So many shoes, and plus she's a shoe designer! 

Anyways, check out this post she did last month on her closet...
I almost had a hearty looking at this. This is what my dream closet would look like full of Loub's and all! Oh boy!
Check out the rest of her blog! So fun!

Betsey Johnson via The Shoe Girl's blog

Betsey Johnson via The Shoe Girl's blog

The Shoe Girl also designed these two styles for Betsey Johnson and I was so devasted to read that they are no longer available for purchase! WHY??? So sad. 

Dug up some favorites!




She designed shoes for Betsey Johnson and now she is going to debut her own collection for BEBE! Visit her blog!

(She's also got a *$%load of Loub's... I'm jelly!)

Sam Edelman

Sam Edelman 

Sold out! Coming soon to SoleStruck