Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fall Favorites - ALDO

I love looking at shoes. Just wanted to put that out there. I can't stop. Ok that's all.
Here are my fall favorites from Aldo. I'm obsessing over...

Botkins $ 90
I am in love with this red pump. I don't know what it is with me and suede, but somehow all my favorite shoes are suede. The detail on the back I think makes the shoe. The only thing I don't like about Aldo pumps is that the front is way too small for anyone's toes, I think. And they're not that HIGH. 

Again, a suede wedge, but I like it! I want a nice wedge shoe for the fall. They're more comfortable than regular pumps, and can be worn with anything. This one is cute and I'm considering it. 

Cirocco $160
This is my FAVORITE boot. You wanna know why? Because it looks just like a Christian Louboutin Velours Scrunchy boot. It is the closest thing to my favorite CL boot and I am not passing these up. They're also suede. Lol! 

Still obsessing over the army green color. I like these a lot! Love the fact that they have buckles, laces and a zipper all in one! Amazing! 

All this at great prices! Who needs $500 shoes? No, thanks!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kim Kardashian Style

If I had a life where I would have to be dressed up 24/7, my style would definitely reflect Kim Kardashian's style. Kim is always dressed nice, thanks to her stylist Monica Rose. That's why Monica Rose is my favorite stylist yet. I've been following her blog and I adore her picks. Here is a sample of Kim's styles that I am absolutely in love with.

by Monica Rose Stylist
 No. 3 dress is my favorite which is by Sass and Bide, running at about $1000. If only. Also, I'm in love with all the shoes she has on here. A+, Monica!

Monica Rose dresses Kim in a lot of leggings, blazers, skinny jeans and body hugging dresses. Those are definitely my favorite things to wear (hip hugging dresses will have to wait for a few lbs to go away). I can't wait for fall to cover up more as leggings and blazers are going to make me have a heat flash in this weather! :)

Ugly Shoe of the Week!

I love shoes, but sometimes there are some styles that I am just like, "WTF"! This shoe is hideous and I cannot imagine anyone buying it unless it is mine or your grandma. It is okay for them, but it's BAKERS and why would they want to sell that? I do not see this shoe trending at all. I don't know why it is here...? On top of that it costs $70. No no no!

Fall Favorites - BAKERS

Fall is already here! Where did this summer go? But I am excited ( a little!).

Here are my Fall Favorites from BAKERS ...

BAKERS - Stevie - $ 160
BAKERS - Layla - $100
BAKERS - Roxanne - $90
BAKERS - Wild - $80
 This will be my next purchase. I do not own a pair of brown shoes at all & these are perfect for the fall.

I'm just really excited about wearing BOOTS once again! :)

Love at first sight - N.Y.L.A.

More than anything, I love to find great deals on really nice shoes. This shoe I found at TJ Maxx yesterday is amazing! It is sooo comfortable and I love the cage-like bootie style. I cannot wait to wear them. I was so excited about them all day yesterday. lol Shoes make me really HAPPY! What can I say?

N.Y.L.A.  - $ 34.99 @ TJ Maxx

Rose Gold

In a recent Victoria Secret catalog, this beautiful wedge bootie caught my eye and I just wish I had the guts to spend over $150 for a pair of shoes. These are so hot! I love the zipper and the open toe, but most of all that it is a wedge bootie! I do not have any wedge booties, and this is like the perfect one! Oh, boy!

Rose Gold @ - $250

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I'm back !

Prada and Christian Louboutin
Via @kristincavalari tweetpic - i'm obsessed with both, especially the leopard!

via @monicarose stylist tweetpic - i want me a perfect wedge boot this winter! this is close.

Christian Louboutin
via @demilovato tweetpic - her birthday present...umm my birthday is coming up! i am so in love with these! studs + CL... salivating.

Shoes worn by Kendall Jenner at her photoshoot, styled by Monica Rose. I really like these for sure!

via @alekszizou tweetpic

Nicholas Kirkwood
Amazing black shoe!

Guiseppe Zanotti

Sam Edelman
oh my god.

Sam Edelman
Only clog I like... not really a fan of clogs, but this one is super cute!

Via Spiga
@ Nordstrom Rack for 80$

I love shoesss

Jessica Simpson
Liking the army green style

Steve Madden
Lovely shoe, but very uncomfy. I was disappointed!

Gianmarco Lorenzi

Stella McCartney
Love a nice wedge!