Saturday, December 10, 2011


I put together some shoes that have been sitting in my closet for months (or years!) and are just taking up precious space. I hate getting rid of my shoes, but I have decided that they must go.

If you need to see more pictures of a certain shoe, do not hesitate to ask me! I took pictures of details, wearing and such. 

Enjoy and indulge (that's if you see anything you like!) What isn't sold is going to be donated.

ALDO - Patent Red - $35 (paid $80) - Size 9 / 39
 I wore these once to NYE 2009. A red shoe never goes out of style.

NINE WEST - Multi Color - Wedge - $20 (paid $39) - Size 8.5
 Wore these once while I was on vacation in Serbia (2009) and never again. They are comfy and so cute for summer.

BAKERS - Silver - $10 (paid $50) - Size 8.5 SOLD
 Wore these for a pageant in 2005 and then to a wedding in 2006. They're nice strappy, but actually really comfy.

STEVE MADDEN from Bakers - Snake print - $25 (paid $70) - Size 9
 Wore this pair once for a night out and realized they were a bit too big (they kept falling off) so they just went back into the box, in the closet, until now. 

GUESS - Patent Black on Gold - $20 (paid $40) - Size 8.5 SOLD
 I wore these quite a lot. They are so comfy and go with everything. I especially loved the gold and black combination. They are pretty worn, but still in good condition. The patent is a bit worn out by the big toe (for some reason I hit my own feet when I walk) 

JESSICA SIMPSON - Patent Black - $25 (paid $60) - Size 8.5 SOLD
 These were my favorite! Wore them out a lot because they were so comfortable and went with everything. Show some wearing, but they are still in great condition. 

GUESS - Leather Black - $35 (paid $60) - Size 9.5
 NEVER WORN. Still in mint condition. I bought these as a BACK UP pair because I had the same pair of Guess stilettos that I never wanted to get rid of but they were falling apart! I ended up never wearing these because I bought them a half size too big.

BCBGirls - White on Brown - Wedge - $25 (paid $59) - Size 8/38 SOLD
Wore these once. They were too tight in the front so I never wore them again. They're really nice for summer dresses and shorts! The wedge makes them really comfy to walk in. Smudged from the sticker on the inside sole.
GUESS - Patent Black - Platform - $10 (paid $50) - Size 8.5 SOLD
 These are definitely worn out. The patent shows major wearing on the inner sides by the big toe and on the heels the patent is peeling. Let me know, I will send you more pictures!

PLAYBOY (lol) - Black, Snake print - $15 (paid $60) - Size 8 SOLD
 Wore these to NYE 2008. Never wore them again. 

GUESS - Gold - Cork Wedge - $20 (paid $49) - Size 9
 Wore these a couple times in 2008 during the summer. Really comfy and so cute for summer outfits! 

BAKERS - Purple - $35 (paid $80) - Size 9
 NEVER WORN! Bought these for a wedding, then ended up not wearing them ever. Makes me sad, but they have to go! Pretty high, but pretty comfy for that height! The heel is thick which also gives more support.

GUESS - Wedge - Black Patent - Size 9 - $ 20 (paid $49)
 Wore these maybe twice! They comfortable because of the wedge and can be worn out or to work. No major wearing except the soles and tips.

ANNE KLEIN - Red Patent - Size 8.5 - $20 (paid $70)
 Aww these were my favorite, too! When I didn't feel like wearing sky high shoes to an event, I'd turn to these. They are comfortable and look so cute on! No major wearing except the soles.

STEVE MADDEN - Purple - Suede - Size 8.5 - $20 (paid $49)
 I wore these once. I love suede shoes and the color purple so I had to get these, but I ended up not wearing them more than once. No major wearing except the sole. 

COACH - Wedge - Multi Color on White - Size 9 - $45 (paid $116)
NEVER WORN. Bought them before leaving for Serbia, brought them with me, and never wore them. Really pretty wedges for summer outfits.

BCBG Ankle Boot - Black - Size 9 - $40
 NEVER WORN. Bought them, wanted to wear them, never got the chance and now they have to go. I love the detail on these!

STEVE MADDEN - Black Suede - Size 9 - $30
 NEVER WORN. I guess I bought them 'cause they were on sale and I couldn't say no.

BAKERS - Black - Size 8.5 - $30 ($60)
 I wore these a few times. They are sooo cute! I love the fish tales. Wear shows on the soles.
BAKERS - Black - Size 9 - $20 (paid $70)
 Wore these a few times. Feet slide down a lot so they were kind of annoying. Great style! (These were the replica of the DIOR Carrie Bradshaw wore on Sex and the know I had to have a pair!) Wear shows on the soles.

GUESS - Silve - Size 8.5  - $30
 Wore these a couple times. They're comfy and go with everything.
No major  wear, except on the soles.

ALDO boot - Chocolate Suede - Size 9 / 39 - $30 
 Wore them once. They are too big around my calves.

BAKERS - Black Suede - Size 8.5 - $35 SOLD

BCBGirls - Black/White - Size 9 - $ 25
 NEVER WORN. I don't remember why I bought them...

CLASSIFIED - Chocolate patent/ Leopard Wedge  - Size 8.5 - $ 30 SOLD
 NEVER WORN. High and hot!

CHARLOTTE RUSSE - Brown - Size 9 - $ 25

CLASSIFIED - Gold Wedge - Size 9 - $ 25
 NEVER WORN. Perfect for summer!

BCBGirls - Bronze Wedge - Size 9 - $ 25
Worn once! No major wear.

GUESS - Golden Brown - Size 8.5 - $30
 NEVER WORN. I was so in love with this style that I kept getting them in all colors.

REPORT - rain boot - Size 8 - $25
 I wore these maybe twice. They look like they have not been touched at all!

PUMA - Silver/Purple - Size 8 - $ 30 (paid $80)
 Wore them twice. They look like they have not been worn.

Steve Madden - Blue Suede - Size 6.5 - $25 (paid $60)
 Worn once for a NYE party. In great condition. Perfect blue.
Jessica Simpson - Leather Knee High - Size 6.5 - $ 40 (paid $88)
Worn about three times, still in great condition! Ask for more pictures if needed.


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Monday, December 5, 2011

Highs v. Lows

Christian Louboutin v. Pelle Moda

I had the Pelle Moda for a while now. When I first saw them I just loved the simple silhouette. Today I received a pair of Christian Louboutin's (part of graduation gift) and when I compared the two the only difference was the soles!

If you're looking for something close to Christian Louboutin's, Pelle Moda is your go to "lows" shoes.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Congrats, M!

Came to visit my own blog & it is looking so dull without any updates. Here is a good update! I'm sharing part of my graduation gift. I recently finished my bachelors degree in Sociology and as a result Mom and Dad wanted to reward me with something I love most - SHOES! Not just any shoes - YSL Tribtoo :)