Friday, February 18, 2011

Jeffrey Campbell Sandal

This sandal has been my favorite since I saw it on Kim Kardashian last summer. 
As I was shopping around the other day at various shoe stores, I noticed a lot of brands have come out with this style. 

Jeffrey Campbell
@ Nordstrom - $100

Here are a few of my favorite cheaper versions:

These are pretty much identical to the real Jeffrey Campbell style. 
So far Aldo is out of stock on this sandal, but I am sure it will be back.

Zigi Soho
@ DSW - $50

This style only has a little anklet that locks, but it is still very similar to the Jeffrey Campbell. 
(comes in silver and gold)

Bakers - Tahiti
 @ Bakers - $60

This one is not on my fave list, because of the little heel. Still a good steal!

These are last years sandal, but a very cute style!
In the end, I am still going for the Jeffrey Campbell, as it is my favorite look and I love that it comes in the beautiful gold.

I'm off to Nordies/mall with a friend! 
Enjoy the beautiful sunny day! 

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Kristin K said...

hi mimsss its kristinnnn just wanted to let you know that i have the jeffrey campbell sandal and it is sooo cute BUT it is the most annoying shoe ever... it literally jingles with every step u take it sounds like u are ringing a bunch of bells when u walk hahah! but i dooo love the looks of them, i never wear them because of all the noise they make though :(

ps your blog is so cute xoxo