Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Nail Polish: LVX

It's been a while since I updated this little gem of a blog of mine. I'm still obsessing over shoes, except it's on Pinterest. Thank the man upstairs for Pinterest, because it is amazing how many shoes I'll come across. It's definitely affecting my bank account, but I love it anyways.

 I'll be posting some shoes today, but first I want to blog about the newest nail polish to hit the world wide web. The name is LVX and it is great! Why? It's free of chemicals and you only need 2 coats. What caught my attention first is FREE OF CHEMICALS. I love OPI and ESSIE but I know they aren't the best when it comes to all the toxic stuff. Check out ShopLVX for more information and all the fabulous colors they came out with for the Summer collection. Fall collection has already been revealed and will be out very soon, according to ShopLVX.

Here is me wearing Primrose. I also purchased Vermillion. Recommend both colors! 

Follow SHOPLVX on Instagram for fan photos of all polish colors and updates on new collections! 


Callais has very good reviews! I will definitely try it myself. 

(images from ShopLVX)

Happy Tuesday! xo

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