Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kim Kardashian Style

If I had a life where I would have to be dressed up 24/7, my style would definitely reflect Kim Kardashian's style. Kim is always dressed nice, thanks to her stylist Monica Rose. That's why Monica Rose is my favorite stylist yet. I've been following her blog and I adore her picks. Here is a sample of Kim's styles that I am absolutely in love with.

by Monica Rose Stylist
 No. 3 dress is my favorite which is by Sass and Bide, running at about $1000. If only. Also, I'm in love with all the shoes she has on here. A+, Monica!

Monica Rose dresses Kim in a lot of leggings, blazers, skinny jeans and body hugging dresses. Those are definitely my favorite things to wear (hip hugging dresses will have to wait for a few lbs to go away). I can't wait for fall to cover up more as leggings and blazers are going to make me have a heat flash in this weather! :)

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